The Three Month "Everlasting" Blow Dry

3 Month Blow Dry, before and after of Daily Mail reporter Kate FaithfullHow would you like to go to the hairdresser's and have your hair blow dryed - and for it to stay that way for about the next three months? That is now an option at Daniel Hersheson's salon in London, where this treatment is now offered. Before you beat a path down there, prices start at £200, which is the cost of a small Louis Vuitton purse, so you'd better decide quickly which you would rather have.

Generally, people like me who have curly or frizzy hair, long for sleek, smooth, shiny and straight hair. But it is such an effort! Keeping my frizzy / wavy hair straight takes a liberal amount of washing, conditioning, blow drying and use of the GHD's to keep it looking great - and any rain or moisture in the air and I'm back to square one. You know how it is, don't you, girls?

Apparently the treatment works best on hair that is coloured or damaged, so it would be great for me with my bleached blonde returned to brown frazzled "do".

The treatment consists of a selection of conditioning ingredients such as cocoa, vitamins and red clay. Quite how it manages to straighten your hair I have yet to find out. Presumably there is a secret ingredient involved - let's hope that it is not formaldehyde (see BKST). The treatment is applied by painting it on to separate sections of hair. It is left on whilst the hair is blow dried. The products do not leave any residue and the hair feels silky once it is dried. Finally, the treatment is completed by applying hair straightening irons to the finished blow dried "do". This seals the ingredients into the hair shaft ensuring the longevity of the styling. You must wait three days before washing your hair, and are forbidden during the three days from getting your hair wet (which will cause permanent frizzing) or using hair bands or slides which will leave permanent creases in your hair's new smooth patina.

Check out Daniel Hersheson's salon at Conduit Street, London W1, Telephone 020 7434 1747.

If you are a hairdresser offering this treatment, let me know and I will add your details to this page.