L'Oreal X-Tenso Cera Thermic

X-Tenso Cera Thermic hair straightening, by L'Oreal (I'm worth it) will make your hair soft, straight and shiny for up to six months, after which time you will need an application to the hair's regrowth. Do not confuse this hair straightening treatment with L'Oreal X-Tenso (see alternatives below), which is a cold relaxer.

During the treatment, your hair is first treated with a primer, called the Cera thermic initialiser. After this, your hair is coated with X-Tenso Cera thermic product, and subsequently straightened in small sections using hair irons. The heat activates the Ceramide, which not only straightens the hair, but strengthens it aswell. The process is finished off with Cera thermic Finaliser. Your hairdresser will recommend a range of products to look after your hair and keep it in great condition. For example, L'Oreal have produced a range of products called "X-Tenso" from the Liss Extreme Range from Série Expert and Liss Control to be used as aftercare. You can buy them at cheap discount prices here:

A variety of different techniques can be used with X-Tenso to tailor the finished look to the client's requirements. For example, hair can be made to look completely straight, or look like naturally straight hair that has been blown dried with a round styling brush, or straight roots leaving the ends curly, or straightening of just the top layer of hair to tame the frizzier areas that are sensitive to humidity.

Where can I get X-Tenso Cera Thermic?

There are a number of stylists in the UK offering this treatment, including:

You can also buy L'Oreal X-Tenso on

Any alternatives?

L'Oreal X-Tenso which comes in four varieties:


Alternatively, try the Brazilian Keratin Home Straightening Kit which is great value and comes highly recommended.