Ionic hair straightening information

Ionic hair retexturising, or IHR, is a chemically based hair straightening system designed to straighten curly or frizzy hair, whether natural or permed. It can be safely used on many hair types, including damaged hair. It is marketed as a competitor to the Yuko system, offering hair that remains permanently straight until it grows out. However, root retouches are recommended every 3 to 6 months to maintain the straightness.

The entire process takes a few hours depending upon how frizzy / curly/ thick / long your hair is to start off. The frizziest, thickest, longest hair will take a lot longer than short wavy hair, for example.

The system works on coloured hair although you should leave it at least two weeks after (or before) colouring. Hair with a few blonde highlights can also be straightened, although the process will not work on hair that has been bleached blonde all over.

The system can also be used on virgin Afro hair - that is, Afro hair that has not previously been straightened using other straightening techniques. However, you are advised to discuss the straightening of Afro hair with your stylist before going ahead, as results may vary.

What does Ionic mean?

The process uses negative ions of water that are small enough to penetrate the hair shaft, ensuring the hair retains its water content and is not dried or damaged by the treatment process.

Where can I get IHR?

There are a number of stylists in the UK offering this treatment, including Trimmers Hair Salon in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and Colournation based in Covent Garden. A list of other salons offering this treatment can also be found here.

Any alternatives?

Try the Boots Home Straightening Kit which is based on the same Japanese technology.