Always use products that contain thermal protection ingredients when straightening your hair to help prevent heat damage.


GHD Thermodynamics

GHD thermodynamics contains a range of styling products to help you achieve beautifully styled straight hair in a four step process. These products are designed to clean and condition, protect, style and fix your style.

The great advantage of these products is that every one contains special ingredients that help to protect your hair from heat damage.

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Step 1: Cleanse and Condition

This range consists of many different shampoos and conditioners to suit ghd thermodynamics shampooshampoodifferent hair types. What they all have in common is that they all offer UVA protection from the extract of Sunflower seeds.

Shampoos and conditioners available in the GHD thermodynamics range include:

Other products in the cleanse and condition range include Miracle Mist, Remedy Cream, Rescue Drops, Indulgence Treatment, Rejuvenation Cream and Opulence Mask.

thermal protectorStep 2: Protect

The protect range contains three thermal protectors - one for normal / fine hair, one for damaged hair and one for dry frizzy hair. These thermal protectors are sprays which contain UV protection and are designed to protect the hair from heat, moisturise and increase the elasticity of the hair.


styling productStep 3: Style

The styling products again contain thermal protectors and UV screens. Products include:

finishing product 1finishing product 2Step 4: Finish

These products finish off your style to perfection, helping to hold it in place and giving it shine. Again, they all contain UV protection. Products include:

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