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You can straighten your hair on a windswept mountain with the Corioliss Neocurl.

Also check out these cordless hair straighteners:

Cordless Hair Straighteners ...

-- for straightening "on the go".

Cordless hair straighteners can set you free. You can keep them in your handbag and straighten your hair with a minimum of fuss wherever you happen to be. They are usually either powered by a gas cylinder or long life batteries.

Freedom 24:7 Cordless Ceramic Hair Straighteners

Freedom Cordless Hair StraightenersThe Freedom 24:7 Cordless Hair Straighteners have ceramic plates. The plates are pretty much the same size that you would find in standard hair straighteners, but the overall length of the straighteners is a lot shorter, meaning that you can slip them into your handbag, ready to banish the frizz at a moment's notice.

You can even charge them up in your car, so you need never be caught out again. The straighteners have a choice of three heat settings - 150°C, 180°C and 200°C and there are three adaptors for worldwide travel use. They also come with a spare battery (how thoughtful!)

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Babyliss Pro 230 Degrees Cordless

babyliss cordlessUnlike the Corioliss Neocurl Cordless straighteners at the foot of this page, the Babyliss corded / cordless straighteners are not intended for independent use away from a mains supply, so they are not portable in the sense of Corioliss Neocurl Cordless straighteners below.

However, they are designed for you to be able to straighten your hair with ease without a cumbersome cord getting in the way. They heat up to 230°C and can be used for up to four minutes before you need to replace them onto the base unit for a quick energy boost. In reality, in use you replace them onto the base charging unit when you are preparing the next section of your hair. If you prefer, they can be used corded. They switch off automatically after an hour, should you forget to turn them off.

They boast features including variable heat (130°C to 230°C), fast heat up (only 15 seconds) and are of a professional quality build with a three year guarantee.

Andrew Collinge 230 Cordless Salon Shine Straightener

Andrew Collinge 230 Cordless Salon Shine Hair StraightenerThese Andrew Collinge hair straighteners provide up to an hour of use. They are rechargeable and can be used anywhere in the world. With a top temperature of 230°C they really make your hair smooth and shiny. Other features include auto shut off.

Corioliss Neocurl Cordless

corioliss neocurl cordless hair straightenersThe corioliss cordless hair straighteners boast a variety of features that have made them very popular in the UK. They have ceramic plates, which means that the heat is distributed evenly so they are less likely to have hot spots, and therefore are less likely to damage your hair.

The included rechargeable batteries last for up to 40 minutes. Now my hair is just past shoulder length and quite frizzy, but it generally only takes me about 15 minutes to straighten it, so 40 minutes is plenty of time - provided your friends don't keep asking to borrrow them! However, they do take about a minute to reach their full temperature of 180°C.

So that you don't inadvertently singe the inside of your handbag, the Corioliss Neocurl is equipped with an on / off light. It also lets you select the temperature you require (up to 180°C) and has a low battery warning light. The charging unit also displays the amount of charge in the batteries. You should note that these straighteners are equipped with both mains and in car chargers.

Corioliss Neocurl Cordless straighteners are available in white or black.

Note: although this page is regularly updated, all prices may be subject to change.

Cordless Prince Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener by Deogra Professional Tools (Freedom 24:7)

deogra prince cordless straightenerThe Deogra Professional Tools cordless hair straightener is currently the best cordless straightener on the market today. It has very high quality ceramic and tourmaline plates which heat up to 200°C in less than 16 seconds. It also has variable heat settings. It comes complete with an in car charger, a spare battery and a mains charger with adaptors for the UK, Europe and the United States. When fully charged, the battery will last for approximately an hour and a half.

(Note - tourmaline is a mineral that is mined. Sometimes it us used as a gemstone, but it is often used for scientific and technical purposes due to its special conductive properties.)

Note that you might also see the "Deogra" cordless range also referred to as "Freedom 24:7". Deogra and Freedom 24:7 are in fact exactly the same straightener.

Slikit Cordless Hair Straightener

slikit The Slikit cordless hair straightener features ceramic plates, and is completely cordless and rechargeable, powered by a lithium ion battery. The Slikit is the world's first rechargeable cordless hair straightener with an integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery. This means that once charged, you can keep them in your handbag so that you can defrizz on the move, such as after getting caught in the rain. The plates heat up to 200°C and you are kept informed of the temperature of the plates via a neon lit digital display.

A charge lasts for up to an hour (which is plenty because it never takes that long to straighten your hair). The straighteners also have frizz free properties and they emit ionic shine.

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